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Anything Heavy Movers, LLC. has been offering our services to the Illinois.

We specializing in moving safes and safe installation services. Our owner operated team takes great pride in our prompt, courteous and professional service. Whether we're moving a residential gun safe or jewelry safe a commercial depository safe, or security safe or heavy cabinet we approach every project with a "white glove" approach, ensuring a positive experience for you at your business or in your home. Let's take a listen and here what customers are saying about Anything Heavy Movers, LLC.


If you need a safe moved, these are the ONLY guys to call. I bought mine from a chain store that offered delivery from a nationwide mover. I went with Paul and Tim based on the testimonials I read. They picked it up at the store, brought it to the house, and had in the basement faster than I would have expected. They also took the time to show me the features of my safe and showed me how to open it and a couple of facts to know about to watch out for. Awesome great job guys!!!

I bought a Liberty Franklin 1700lbs safe thinking me and some buddies could move it down my awkward staircase to the basement, but boy was I ever so wrong. After practically almost putting my friends and my self in a death wish situation. My wife told me I couldn't just leave it in the living room, I gave Anything Heavy Movers, LLC and talked with Paul call! After seeing the great teamwork of Paul and Tim and their knowledgeable staff, was my proof as to why I couldn't move it myself. These guys are very professional and very flexible so they can get the job done, the right way! I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Moving this wasn't an easy task with my staircase! Actually the stair case had to be secured up by one of the carpenters team that they brought out. Took like 2 hours just for that but wow did that give me peace of mind. Tom Brooks- Chicago, IL

A HUGE thanks to Paul and Tim and Tom and his crew! We have a rather large Liberty, right at 1200 lbs., empty. It was in my mind a very tight move at the start and end to get the job done, not to mention 13 stairs and three doorways with under an inch clearance! Heavy Moving Services with Anything Heavy Movers, Company Paul and his professional team handled it like a walk in the park. Under an hour, never touched a wall and not a mark on the Hard Wood floors. WOW, thanks again and YES, I HIGHLY recommend Anything Heavy Movers, LLC to handle any safe move for anyone and if I have to move again there will be no question in who i will call. His cell is 630-290-7373 ask for Paul he was great! Sam Robach - Cary,IL

The professionals at Anything Heavy Movers Etc. are very knowledgeable, punctual, and precise. I had several heavy objects moved to difficult locations. Spotless performance. Their price is worth every penny. When you need the the job to be done right, simply Anything Heavy Movers. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Derek Stanley - Glenview, Il

Thanks for doing such a great job! Moving a 6001bs safe upstairs and into another house never looked so easy. I will use these professionals again and tell everyone that is thinking about moving anything heavy. Thanks Paul and Paul! Mike - Addison

What can I say about these guys? Fast, friendly, professional service. They went out of their way to accommodate my needs and really helped me out. I would highly recommend them to everyone! Frank - Chicago, IL

Thanks so much for the great safe moving job - Upstairs - UNBELIEVABLE. Thanks again, You sure make it look easy - Easy it is not!

Leveling the safe was done with terrific expertise, wow. Open the safe door in any position - The door remains in the position you opened the door - Does not swing either open or close unless one moves the door.

Feel free to have anyone call for reference. Deanna - Chicago, IL

The work completed by the guys at Anything Heavy Movers was the BEST part of a difficult day. They were both professional and efficient - not to mention experts in their field. They moved and installed my 960 LB gun safe in less than 20 minutes, overcoming challenges very quickly. Their customer service was some of the best I've experience. They will have my business in the future should the need arise. Thank you Tim and Paul! Ted - Lisle, IL

Paul and Mike are a great team and did an excellent job moving my Custom Fort Know 1,400 lbs safe. They have the equipment and knowledge to do the job right and safe. The quoting process was easy and straight forward. They moved my safe from Princeton, IL to Wheaton, IL with no issues or scratches. They leveled and anchored my safe and it is rock solid. I will be calling Paul and his crew again for their services on my next move. I will recommend them to anyone looking to move a safe. Paul G. - Wheaton, IL

This testimonial is long over due but when a friend asked me who moved my safe because he needed to relocate his, I suggested "Anything Heavy Movers or www.anythingheavy.com". Being self employed I know how Testimonials work. I had bought a Liberty safe from a Big Ticket Sport/Outdoor store in 2012 and had them pick it up and deliver it to my house the next day. After dealing with them and watching them work I wouldn't consider anyone else. Danny - Oak Brook, IL

Paul and Paul moved my safe yesterday and they did a great job. The safe was located at my old house in the basement and was moved to my new house and placed on the 2nd floor. Not only were they prompt and professional but they were neat and clean and moved my 600lb safe without so much as touching or scuffing a wall. I wished I could say the same for my appliance and furniture movers. I would recommend them to anyone who has a safe to move! John S. - Saint Charles, IL

Cannot say enough about Paul and Tim. True professionals. Thank you guys and I will definitely spread the word about you two. Sarah - Schaumburg, IL

WOW, Are these guys good or what? They put a 925 lbs safe in my basement that was almost impossible. Anything Heavy Movers is the best in the business. They went up stairs, over hardwood floors, down hardwood steps, down carpeted steps, through a small door and put this safe on an elevated platform within 2" of a drop ceiling. I have to say that this safe move was the best money I ever spent... House is OK, my back is OK and my wife is happy. Thank you for a job well done. You have my highest level of recommendation.

In closing - This is the owner of Anything Heavy Movers, LLC Our impeccable reputation has resulted in many repeat customers and as attested to on our testimonials page, word of mouth has become one of our primary tools for new business.
We at Anything Heavy Movers, LLC would greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer you the same exceptional service to the same expectations mentioned above. Please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation estimate on your project. With our competitive rates and high level of standards, we're the right choice. Mark - Chicago, IL