Moving a gun safe may look easy to move but it really is not can be dangerous for anyone trying without the Professional help. Safes can be super heavy and huge wide and deep. The safest option is to use Chicago Safe Movers or if your in Illinois Gun Safe Movers true professional movers who have experience with gun safe moving.

For Health and and the well being, it's tempting to try move your safe on your own, however number of casualties and with injuries are reported all over the United States according to reports there was over 3,429 people injured last year and of those 191 fatalities others reported blood clots and broken bones. Back injuries were reported as the injuries. The danger of trying to move Gun Safes is that your safe could tip the wrong direction and cause injury or damages to your house floor and building structure.


PREPARATION IS KEY- First things first!!! One can search on google under, “Gun Safe Movers”in you’re local city to discover the Safe Moving Companies near me or you. Part of moving a safe is preparing it for the move and having the right equipment available. But most importantly, you need to have a plan in place to be knowledgable licensed bonded insured. Many Professional Gun Safe Movers make plans similar to these: Pre-plan your route through the house and measure any doorways or tight spots so you'll know whether you can actually transport the safe through narrow spaces. Safe Mover will want to ensure any staircases that might be used are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the gun safe weight. Prior to moving a gun safe with gun safe professional the gun safe will need to be emptied out completely including all shelving in order that the safe to make it lighter and protect its valuable contents from being damaged during the move. Professional Gun Safe Movers use special Dollie’s that are not sold to the public for moving your gun safe, along with supporting straps and thick moving blankets along with shrink wrap. A regular house holds goods Movers do not have Gun Safe Dollie’s strong enough to support the gun safe weight. a regular house holds goods mover is not properly insured as their insurances do not cover anything over 200 lbs.

But please remember that the safest way to move your gun safe is to use true professional company. In Chicago you can call on to assist move your gun safe. They Move Gun Safe by the thousand every year! They can be reached at